If you want to play around with OpenShift locally then Minishift is a nice option.

When I tried to install it then I got an error message that the openshift docker image could not be loaded. Luckily this comment pointed me in the right direction, that DNS was not working properly.

Install dnsmasq

brew update
brew install dnsmasq

Edit /usr/local/etc/dnsmasq.conf to configure dnsmasq to listen on all network interfaces:


Restart dnsmasq

sudo brew services restart dnsmasq

test if nameserver listens on all ip adresses

# use to lookup index.docker.io
nslookup index.docker.io
# use to lookup index.docker.io
nslookup index.docker.io

Install Minishift

Install yhyve


brew install xhyve
brew install docker-machine-driver-xhyve

Install VirtualBox

brew cask install virtualbox

Install Minishift

brew cask install minishift
minishift start

alternatively you could start minishift using different disk size or memory parameters

minishift start --disk-size 100g --memory 4096